38th Annual Bali Kites Festival

June 30, 2017

Padang Galak, Sanur

July – October 2017

One of Bali’s major provincial highlights, the Bali Kites Festival features hundreds of competing kite troupes from all over the island showcasing their traditional kites. International teams with modern kites in various shapes and sizes would also take part. The festival begins at the start of the windy season and lasts throughout the months of July until October. This series of events take place annually on the eastern coast of Padang Galak, north of Sanur. What originally started off as an agrarian festival among the Banjars to thank the heavens for plentiful harvest and crops is now an international level competition where winners take home money and prizes from sponsors. The festivities are given a thrilling twist with gamelan orchestras that accompany each troupe, and guests from all over the world are invited to attend to participate in the spirit of the festival and to witness each dramatic sequence.

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