A Meal Delicious Beyond Compare; Cocoon Beach Club

June 04, 2018

A Meal Delicious Beyond Compare;
Cocoon Beach Club

Cocoon Beach Club on Double Six Beach, Seminyak Bali has received many positive reviews and acclaims from new and returning customers from all over the world since its opening in 2010. This very coveted and popular beach club on one of South Bali’s most popular strips has won the hearts of many – the secret, according to its management, is to provide consistent stellar service, mouthwatering food and drinks at amazing value and a stunning beachfront location that is perfect for epic parties, sexy sojourns, fabulous cocktails and sultry days and nights by the poolside. Over the years, it has rightfully created a name for itself as a top destination for delicious dining and gourmet.

With recently adjusted prices to meet the needs of its guests, world-class and gourmet selections by the very talented Chef Ari can now be enjoyed by all who crave nothing less than an excellent dining experience at an amazing price. The refreshed menu clearly showcases available selections featuring Mains, Starters, Sides, Desserts, Burger & A Dog, Pastas, Salads, Pizzas and an expanded Local section. We had the good fortune to meet with Chef Ari who told us that a dish that is very dear and near to his heart would be the Ayam Bakar Kecap & Sambal Matah – Balinese Style Grilled Chicken, Fresh Chilli Sauce and Rice – as it is inspired by his dear mother who taught him to cook and learn all about Balinese herbs and spices from the age of 8. The tender and juicy chicken melted in our mouths, along with a plethora of fabulous tastes and sensations and the secret to this, we were told, lies in the marinade. The same technique is also applied to the Lamb Shank, and we can guarantee that no other Lamb Shank in the vicinity is as tender, succulent and as moist as this! Preparation takes up to two days with the meat being thoroughly marinated to soak up the herbs and spices before arriving with flourish to your table. Those who prefer fish must try the Grilled Snapper Fillet with Fruit Salsa, Roasted Baby Potatoes and Spinach Puree; a fresh and tantalizing taste of the ocean that is cooked just right. If you’re planning to hang by the pool, have a Moroccan Spiced BBQ Chicken Wings or the Salt & Pepper Calamari with your cocktails and beers. Everything coming from Cocoon’s kitchens is beyond satisfactory – just ask anyone who’s been there! 

To complete our meal, we ordered the Mint Lemonade, a beautiful mix of brown sugar and mint and topped with Sprite, and the Berry Soda, with mixed berries, lemon juice and sprite. Every day during Happy Hour, grab the Buy 2 Get 3 offer from 5pm to 7pm from a list of Cocktails featuring Martinis, Margaritas, Mai Tais and Mojitos all at IDR 85,000 each. A bucket of beer is available for only IDR 115,000 with 4 Bintangs or 3 Heineken Light for IDR 100,000.


Cocoon Restaurant & Beach Club

Jalan Double Six No. 66, Blue Ocean Boulevard, Seminyak, Bali

Ph: + 62 361 731266


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