Airasia - World’s Best Low Cost Airline

October 01, 2014


When it comes to navigating the many options of who to choose when flying around Asia, one contender has consistently stood out among the rest, proving their leadership as they please travellers time and time again: AirAsia. With an abundant selection of top destinations and flight schedules, to competitive rates that makes flying affordable for everyone, to a fun, playful and cheeky company culture that puts the pleasure back in making your way across nations – there’s no doubt as to why AirAsia is one of the best.


And while happy customers may be quick to praise the airline for their exceptional service making the travelling experience all that more enjoyable, AirAsia has also received international recognition at the highest professional level, recently winning multiple awards at the Skytrax World Airline Awards. This year, AirAsia managed to maintain their titles as the best-cost airlines saving the world, “World’s Best Low Cost Airline,” and saving cost carrier in Asia, “Asia’s Best Low Cost Airline” for 6 years in a row.


The Skytrax World Airline Awards is an award given by the service user satisfaction survey flight each year. Each year, the company conducts a survey to determine the best airlines, airports, in-flight entertainment, staff, and other elements that make up for the best overall air travel experiences available. This year’s annual Skytrax survey involved 18.9 million respondents from around the globe held for 10 months to measure service quality as provided by a range of 245 airline carriers from both local to world scales.


Based on the results of the independent survey, AirAsia stood out strong at the top in terms of standards of service and the best products. AirAsia remains the most popular among the users of commercial aviation services for its consumer-friendly products and services - including low fares, a modern fleet of top quality aircrafts, and frequencies of flights and extensive flight network of top destinations in Asia, and system of payment which makes booking tickets simple, quick, and easy. Add in the extra little bonuses such as passengers also being able to select their own preferred type of service and the food on the plane, choosing their flight seats and fees for baggage upon booking – and you’ll see why AirAsia stands out among the crowd of airlines in their ability to deliver a customized flight experience which people everywhere love.


As though all they provide to customers wasn’t enough – these prestigious awards from the Skytrax World Airline Awards have directly reinforced Air Asia’s position as a leader of saving-cost airlines everywhere in the world. Since AirAsia received the “World‘s Best Low Cost Airline” and “Asia ‘s Best Low Cost Airline” awards for the first time in 2009 until now, no other airline can beat Air Asia. So next time you’re looking to book a flight for your next adventure, business trip, or holiday in Asia – you can be confident in choosing Air Asia as your preferred airline of choice.

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