An Adventurous Safari Journey

February 01, 2016

Safari Under The Stars




Welcome to the jungle. You’re now in tropical paradise, so why not embark on a quest to relive your inner-child’s wildest dreams and head to the deepest, darkest jungles of Bali - not on horseback, or camels, or even on foot, but on elephants! Set of for a twilight trek in an extremely safe, comfortable, and controlled environment right here in the misty village of Taro, Ubud. At the Elephant Safari in Bali Adventure Tours, there’s a secluded haven where you can go on Bali’s first ever twilight elephant trek, “Safari Under The Stars”. This unique night trail offers a different course than the park’s daytime elephant safari rides and makes for a completely new and enchanting experience. 


bali-elephant-safariWhile you’re there, opt for a package that includes the Elephant Talent Show before embarking on a night ride through the dimly lit forest that ends with a four-course dinner at the Pachyderm Palm Grove restaurant by the lake. Throughout your experience, you’ll interact, feed, ride, observe, learn and play with the Park’s 29 beautiful Sumatran Elephants, one of the most rare and endangered species of elephants left in the world today. Arrive at4pm and you’ll have plenty of time to take in the Park’s exotic environment and relax. Delight in the giant mammoth skeleton hanging from floor to ceiling or take a stroll around the beautiful botanical gardens while you hand-feed the elephants and have a drink at the Elephant Pond before the Elephant Talent Show. At twilight, it's off to the jungle for ‘Safari Under The Stars’! Chauffeured by your very own elephant, you and your partner will fit comfortably into the leather seat that’s safely attached to its back.


The night ride is a magical journey through a 500-metre, dimly lit track in the middle of a mysterious rainforest. You’ll be hypnotized with the rocking movement of the gentle giants, completely entranced by the sights and sounds of the jungle as it gears up for the night. When the ride is over, its time to enjoy a sumptuous four-course dinner of delicate international cuisines served in a luxurious setting paired with delicious wine and spirits from around the globe.


For those who want to further immerse themselves in the park’s beautiful savannah-like setting, why not book a room at the 25-room Elephant Safari Park Lodge created by Bali Adventure Tour operators and Park owners Nigel and Yanie Mason. Guests at the Lodge are privileged to experience being transported from their room by their very own Elephant Chauffeur for a door-to-door safari-style ride. 

Boasting all the trappings of a luxury boutique resort with swimming pool, bar, lounge, terrace, gym and spa, its spacious room designs have been created to provide a resort-style haven amongst the peace and tranquility of tropical parkland.  The Lodge also caters for special events, weddings, honeymoons, meetings and incentives groups or sunset cocktails and private dinners.



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