Animal Sweet Bun At Baking Empire

July 25, 2017

Animal Sweet Bun at Baking Empire

Jl. Teuku Umar Barat No.8, Denpasar Bali | Ph: +62 811-3922- 345 |

Come and try Baking Empire's new Animal Sweet Bun. Too cute to eat but too sweet and delicious to miss! Come and grab them fast for only IDR 10K each before they're sold out! And now, you can also get your instant Baking Empire fix by ordering via Go-Jek.

Baking Empire is a brand spanking new bakery featuring healthy, homemade and Taiwan-inspired bread, biscuits and cakes. All of the delicious selections at Baking Empire were made using homemade fruit yeast, real butter, real cheese, real milk, real chocolates and real fruits and plants, without flavouring, shortening, transfat or colouring.

Find out more here or Whatsapp WA: +62 811 3922 345. Also, do check out their Instagram @baking.empire.

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