Atlas Pearls Cares For Gunung Agung Evacuees

October 02, 2017

Gunung Agung At Boiling Point

Atlas Pearls Lends A Helping Hand

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Hundreds of tremors are being recorded daily at Mount Agung and thousands of villagers in the Karangasem district have been evacuated to temporary camps. Bali is at the highest level of alert.

One of the areas thoroughly affected is the town of Tianyar in the north of Karangasem. As the evacuation point for the people of Tianyar is 85km away from the nearest distribution area, it has been reported that the people of Tianyar are in urgent need of assistance in terms of food, water, fresh produce, clothing, medicine, household supplies like mosquito repellent, blankets, candles,  towels and more.

With this in mind, the staff and management at Atlas Pearls have come together to help the people of West Tianyar. Among some of the items donated were detergent, rice, infant milk formula, mineral water, cooking oil, diapers, shampoo, soap, toothpase, mosquito repellant and more. The staff at Atlas Pearls feel a strong bond with the people of  Tianyar as the company had a pearl farm near the village 5 years ago, which employed locals from the surrounding communities.

Currently, over 75,000 people have been evacuated in anticipation of an eruption and the numbers are reported to be growing.

The world's most beautiful and sought-after South Sea Pearls come from five of Atlas Pearls pearl farms located throughout the Indonesian archipelago and the Raja Ampat region (West Papua).

While Atlas Pearls prides itself in helping nature create the perfect gems, every day Atlas Pearls makes a huge difference to 3000 local families across the Indonesian Archipelago and the communities that it is involved in via its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes.

The people of Tianyar received food, water, medicine and other household items from the team at Atlas Pearls. The company plans to continue assisting the evacuees in the coming days to ensure that their comfort, needs and wellbeing are being looked after in the midst of the current crisis.

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