Atlas Pearls' Tea Room - Discover The Magic Of The South Sea Pearls

July 07, 2017

The Atlas Pearls Tea Room is an exclusive venue where one of Asia’s best tea - Gryphon Tea - is served in a simple yet elegant setting.   This lovely aromatic high-quality tea sets the mood for a collection of pearls and jewellery to be presented in the comfort of Cerana furniture. Only for small groups of up to 6 guests, the Tea Room at Atlas Pearls is where guests discover the world of South Sea Pearls: understand pearl culture and explore the pearls shapes, colours and shine.
Introducing its new gift registry, the Tea Room allows for personal and private shopping while a registry for weddings, birthdays or anniversary gifts of your choice. 
Have your own real South Sea Pearl, no compromise on quality and yours forever. Come see the collections at the Atlas Pearl's showrooms, choose your unique pearl and let it sing to your heart.

For centuries, the great kingdoms who ruled Indonesia were fond of the South Sea Pearls and the gems have been part of Indonesian culture and royal fashion. Famous around the world, Indonesia’s South Sea Pearls are praised for their beauty and as the leader in South Sea Pearls, Atlas Pearls makes it its personal goal to help spread the wonders and knowledge of the South Sea Pearls of Indonesia.
Atlas Pearls pride itself in helping nature create the perfect gems, while caring for your pearls from the breeding of oysters at its North Bali farm, the farms of Raja Ampat,  Labuan Bajo and Alor, Lembata where these oysters meticulously make the pearls, to the necklaces, rings and earrings sold at Place Vendome in Paris, New York, London and the world’s greatest jewellers.

Four years of hard labour for the oysters, 3000 hands helping them, and your unique pearls now await you…
By invitation or with reservations only:  contact Ms Marsha, at

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