Ayodya Resort Bali Gears Up For The Inaugural Ayodya Batik Festival 2016

September 22, 2016
In honor of Batik Day (Hari Batik Nasional), a national holiday that celebrates the traditional cloth of Indonesia, Ayodya Resort Bali is gearing up for its inaugural Ayodya Batik Festival 2016 – a three-day event that aims to capture the national and traditional spirit of Batik Day.

It starts from October 7th 2016 until October 9th 2016, the festival will host a variety of cultural music performances, food stalls, local artists, fashion shows and product exhibitions.

Not only a celebration of Indonesia's heritage products, the festival will also promote the development of small batik businesses and silver jewelers, inspiring entrepreneurs of traditional local products to build successful brands.

Be the part of this Ayodya Batik Festival 2016