Bali Is World’s Top 2 Most Beautiful Island

January 06, 2016



Congratulations Bali for being crowned the top 2 most beautiful island in the world! We came in second after Equador’s Galapagos in the U.S Travel+Leisure Magazine’s 2015 List of the 10 Best Islands In The World, a prestigious List where winners are selected based on an online voting process conducted by the magazine’s 4.8 million readers.


We are proud to say that Bali locked in a close score of 88.98 after Galapagos’s 90.82, followed by Maldives at 88.53 and Tasmania at 88.32. This win has even caught the attention of Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya who proudly attributed the win to Indonesia’s natural, breathtaking beauty. He was quoted as saying that he believes Indonesia can even outclass Galapagos, what with our Rajaampat and Komodo Island destinations.


Well done, Bali!