Bali’s Gourmet Utopia

June 12, 2017

Fun, fresh and organic – these are three crucial elements that make up Sereh Gourmet Supermarket in Jimbaran. Those looking for the freshest quality meats and produce can now happily wonder their days away among Sereh’s impeccably arranged displays while enjoying the supermarket’s unique and cosy, welcoming interior. You won’t find glaring fluorescents here or morbid tiles; the interiors have been designed with warm lighting set against natural stones and hardwood – all in all, it’s a very chic environment to shop in and we promise that you will be delighted. Aside to fresh produce, you can also find fresh bakery, brewed coffee, a wine cellar and selected imported gourmet products and dry groceries.

When speaking to one of the founders of Sereh Gourmet Supermarket, Ibu Hermien S. Witjaksono said that she found inspiration for Sereh from her trips to Europe. She said, “The idea behind Sereh was to create a unique supermarket that would provide a different experience for shoppers. There is a growing demand for fresh, healthy, gourmet foods that are in short supply here in Bali and it is our aim to meet this demand. While doing so, we want our guests to feel comfortable, to take their time and to enjoy shopping here at Sereh. Grocery shopping is quite literally seen as an “errand”, and we have created an environment that hopefully changes this to an enjoyable and relaxing activity.” We have to agree; upon walking into Sereh, there is a feeling of entering a pleasantly chic community market, where one could find gourmet fresh produce and imported products in a luxurious setting. Even the displays are inviting and we were pleasantly surprised to learn that while shoppers could choose any cut of meat from the meat counter, they could also have it marinated or cooked at supermarket’s on-site and semi-outdoor café, right next to the building’s façade. Under wooden trellis and intimate brick and stone settings, guests can also choose to have breakfast, lunch and dinner here – order from the significantly wide range available off its menu including local Balinese, Indonesian and International favourites. There are daily specials, and meat lovers can satisfy their carnivorous side with the Texas Style Smoked Beef Brisket, Beef Tenderloin Steak and Lamb Chops.  

The supermarket is very selective in what it chooses to sell to its customers; it insists that a majority of its products must be fresh, organic and of extremely high quality – you won’t find many canned or preserved foods here. Its many customers, including locals, expats and holidaymakers, have expressed their immense appreciation for this. Imported goods are shipped in from all over the globe to Sereh including Japan, Europe, China and India. We learned that the selection process are quite intricate; all to ensure extreme customer satisfaction. There are also activities for the whole family to enjoy including weekend salsa performances, cooking classes and BBQ every day. To reap more rewards, do join the Sereh membership programme to earn points which can be exchanged for products.


Sereh Gourmet Supermarket

Jl. Wanagiri, Jimbaran - Bali | Ph: +623614468600 |

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