Bali’s Penglipuran Village Is Top 3 Cleanest Village In The World

March 22, 2016



Bali’s very own Penglipuran Village located in Bangli in East Bali was recently named as one of the top three cleanest villages in the world.

Famous for its bamboo shingled roofs and ancient Balinese architecture, the village is a model town with its clean streets, well-kept gardens, dogs on leashes, trash bins every 30 meters or so.

Chief Manager of Penglipuran’s Village Tourism, I Nengah Moneng said that the award will strengthen the villagers’ sense of responsibility and pride. It will help to ensure that they continuously safeguard the beauty and environment of the village while creating green and sustainable surroundings that will benefit future generations.

He also said that the habits of keeping the village clean were inherited from their ancestors. “It’s ingrained in our personalities and beliefs,” he added. “It is our responsibility to preserve and continue with the teachings of our ancestors. The present generation has a responsibility in which we must uphold for all future generations.”

Penglipuran Village is home to 200 traditional-style house in the village, lined asymmetrically along the streets and up the hill. The streets are made of natural stones. There are plenty of colorful flowers growing around the village. Motorcycles and cars are banned from entering to ensure that the village will not suffer from air pollution.