Bangkok Songkran Festival

April 02, 2015



Travelers who have spent some time flying around Asia will be quick to tell you that AirAsia is among the top choices of airline carriers to make your next journey with.


And continuing to serve their loyal flyers even better, AirAsia has now increased the frequency of flights between Bali and Bangkok from once a day to twice a day for all those who would like more convenience in making their ways from the Island of The Gods to the City Of Angels.


budha-statueSunu Widyatmoko, President Director of Indonesia AirAsia said, “AirAsia Flight Bali- Bangkok route was first operated by our affiliates Thai AirAsia (FD) in 2009, and since then the demand continues to increase. We are pleased to be able to add frequencies on this route, thus giving our passengers a more flexible choice of flight schedules.”


The additional flights are to be operated  by Indonesia AirAsia (QZ) using an Airbus A320 aircraft with a 180 seat capacity, ensuring the safety, comfort, and reliability AirAsia is known for. AirAsia Indonesia has also previously been increasing the frequency of flights on the route from Jakarta to Bangkok from the previous 14x per week (two flights a day) to 21x per week (3 times a day) in order to accommodate the high interest of passengers traveling these routes. “The addition of this flight frequency is part of our commitment to improve the connectivity between Indonesia and Thailand, two of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia,” added Sunu.


One of the popular destinations with some of the best dining and shopping experiences in Southeast Asia, Bangkok is regarded as a favorite destination for travelers. From April 13-15, travelers can visit the Bangkok Songkran Festival – one of the most unique and fun country-wide holidays - to celebrate in the excitement. Held to celebrate the traditional Thai new year, the festival features various religious activities and recreation activities, the most popular of which is something resembling a huge water fight in the streets. Both local and tourists flock to the streets to spray water on each other using water pistols, buckets, water balloons and other tools. Even elephants are known to participate, spraying water with their trunks on nearby participants. This is an exceptionally great time of year to visit Thailand, as this unique celebration is truly an amazing experience.


And in June-August, there is the Bangkok Grand Sale – a special citywide event not to be missed by die hard fans of shopping. So whether you’re interested in flying over to Thailand to celebrate one of these special festivities, or simply getaway to experience the vibrant Thai culture and attractions of its capital, AirAsia will get you there on the timeline that best suits you.




For more information on flight schedules and promotional activity, you can follow AirAsia through Facebook and Twitter, as well as booking flights on the main website, AirAsia sales office in Bali, or through an affiliated travel agent.


Flight Number Route Departure Arrival Frequency


QZ 520 Bali (DPS) – Bangkok (DMK) 07.45 11.25 Daily

QZ 521 Bangkok (DMK) – Bali (DPS) 11.50 17.00 Daily

FD 397 Bali (DPS) – Bangkok (DMK) 11.55 15.15 Daily

FD 396 Bangkok (DMK) – Bali (DPS) 06.05 11.25 Daily


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