Celebrating Authentic Indonesian Cuisine

May 04, 2018

Celebrating Authentic Indonesian Cuisine

On your next sojourn to the tropical shores of Bali, be sure to book yourself an evening at Kayumanis Resto at Kayumanis Jimbaran Private Estate & Spa and indulge in some of the archipelago’s most enticing and aromatic flavours. Celebrating time-honoured recipes and age-old cooking traditions using plants, herbs and spices from the surrounding regions, the menu at Kayumanis Resto is an ode to magnificent and authentic Indonesian cuisine featuring market-fresh ingredients and seasonal delicacies.

Nestled within a lush and verdant garden of dancing coconut palms, Kayumanis Resto is the perfect spot for an intimate evening under the stars or to dine socially with family and friends. Housed within a replica of a traditional Javanese Joglo and crafted almost entirely from sustainably sourced hardwood, the restaurant captures the rustic elegance of a traditional family home from a bygone era. The interior décor is tastefully understated with just a few strategically placed artifacts and an inlay of hand-painted floor tiles. A stylish open-plan bar is where drinks are prepared with artistic flair.  Presiding behind the kitchen door is Chef Oka, Kayumanis Resto’s own Executive Chef who spends almost every waking hour in the kitchen fine-tuning recipes and making sure that every dish is perfect. His passion for Indonesian food, which developed at an early age, took him to Singapore before joining the prestigious Aman Group as a sous chef. He joined Kayumanis Jimbaran Private Estate & Spa in 2006 as part of its pre-opening team. Now, Chef Oka is fulfilling his dream of showcasing authentic Indonesian cuisine through meticulously prepared and beautifully presented dishes that represent the country’s rich culture and diversity for a well-rounded introduction to the exotic flavours of the Indonesian archipelago. A few must-tries include the Lumpia Bebek Jamur; deep fried duck and shitake spring rolls served with sweet sour sauce which originated from Semarang, Java. The Ayam Dabu-Dabu; shredded chicken with raw vegetables and chilli lemongrass sauce is a spicy dish from Manado, North Sulawesi. Bebek Panggang Mengkudus is Balinese Smoked Duck that celebrates Bali’s colourful Hindu heritage while the Ayam Bakar Taliwang is grilled chicken leg marinated in Lombok-style sauce; a popular dish believed to be favoured by the Sasak nobility.

A carefully crafted traditional beverage menu brings forth wondrous flavours to your palate. Try the Beras Kencur Pandan Wangi, a traditional herbal drink made with white ginger, rice, pandan leaf and palm sugar or the Kunyit Asam Gula Madu, a classic herbal drink made from turmeric, ginger, galangal, Balinese tamarind, palm sugar and lime. Indonesia’s traditional desserts are characteristically sweet and made from locally grown products such as rice, palm sugar and seasonal fruits - at Kayumanis Resto, you can try the Kudapan Nusantara, a dessert made with rice, flour, jelly bits, mud cake and banana in coconut milk served with jackfruit ice cream or Es Goreng; fried ice cream served with white berry sauce.


Kayumanis Resto at Kayumanis Jimbaran Private Estate & Spa

Jl. Yoga Perkanthi, Jimbaran, Bali

Ph: +62 705 777


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