Dine Like Royalty At Raja's Balinese Restaurant

August 19, 2016
Raja’s restaurant offers pure Balinese cuisine in a royal setting. Established in 2001, the poolside restaurant located only metres from the beachfront is designed to reflect the way a Balinese royal  family would dine. 
Raja’s cuisine is seriously Balinese fare, unmodified – a result of more than a year of taste testing, guest trials, and in-house cooking contests. Although it serves original Balinese food, Raja’s is certified as a halal restaurant. 
All Raja’s dining paraphernalia was sourced and produced in Bali except for the crystal glasses. Noteworthy are the heavy, solid-brass show plates, cutlery and dulang (food stands), as well as the table cloths made from brokat (traditional lace material) that Balinese women’s kebaya blouses are sewn from.