Experience Sanur & Discover Bali's Secret Beaches With Augmented Reality

April 29, 2015



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Several Things You Should Know About Sanur


Historical Facts

Derived from the two words “saha” and “nuhur”, which means having a passion to visit a certain place, Sanur represents a name that carries important history for tourism in Indonesia, and Bali more specifically. It was on the beach of Sanur that the first Netherland troops set foot on the island of Bali in 1906.

This was also the exact place that the first war occurred between the Netherlands against the community of Bali in defending their land from colonialism. This war was later known as the Puputan Badung, a heroic event that is strongly remembered by every individual Balinese until today’s generation.

Talking about Balinese art, Sanur is the true pioneer of arts and tourism instead of Ubud. It was Sanur that Le Mayeur, a Belgium artist, made his home in the 1930s. He fell in love with the people and the abundance of nature, which inspired him to paint hundreds of paintings. And it was here too that Donald Friend, a gifted illustrator, also known as Tuan Raksasa or Lord Devil Donald, who bought much of the beach on which today’s Sanur is built.

The Spectacular Sunrise

Sanur is famed for its beautiful strip of pure sandy beaches across the coastal line. It is also reputed for its spectacular sunrises, which literally mark a new day in the life of the Balinese. In addition to being home to some of Bali’s best known hotels, Sanur is also a very cozy, comfortable residential area. As such, it is much quieter than Kuta and has more “Balinese character” than the newer Nusa Dua resort area.
A Laid-back Mood

Today, Sanur retains its laid-back atmosphere with a few changes for the good. Many new restaurants that offer a wide variety of both Western and Indonesian cuisines have opened as well. Trendy restaurants such as Batu Jimbar, Ristorante Massimo, and Ryoshi are situated on the main road, Jl. Danau Tamblingan, which runs through central Sanur. If you are looking for a more authentic culinary experience, then you should definitely check out Warung Mak Beng, a favorite among locals since 1941. She is reputed to serve the best crunch Fried Fish and mouthwatering Fish Soup in Sanur.

Family-Friendly Beaches

Sanur’s beaches are ideal for families because the water is much calmer than at Kuta or Seminyak and therefore a lot safer for children. Many fun beach activities are also held in the area for everyone to enjoy. An attractive boardwalk that spans the tract from Sanur to Mertasari allows visitors to take leisurely walks or cycle stress-free because no motorbikes are allowed here. There are also several small gazebos built on the jetties for visitors.
Secret Beaches

As an alternative for the calm and laid-back atmosphere of Sanur Beaches, Bali has some secret beaches, offering less-crowd atmosphere – perfect for explorers. Travelling approximately 3 hours far east from Sanur, there are Amed Beach, Jemeluk Beach, and Tulamben. Here, visitor can blend with the daily life of Balinese people, and the most interesting part is exploring the underwater world. Diving and snorkeling are must here.

If visitors are unable to travel far, another option for calm beach is Geger Beach in Nusa Dua. White sands and calm waves, this beach is generally safe for swimming. The best way to spend a day here is to rent a sun bed and grab a bottle of beer of food from the local warung.