Exploring South Bali's 7 Most Popular & Hidden Beaches

February 17, 2017

Anyone who decides to come to Bali has one thing on their mind, the beach. The beaches in Bali suit everyone needs, whether you’re after world-class waves to surf, crystal clear waters for diving, or simply days digging your toes into fine sand and lazy evenings watching the sun set over the ocean. Here is our list of South Bali's Top 7 Most Popular & Hidden Beaches.


Padang Padang beach


In South Bali, visitors would never run out of beautiful beaches to visit. One of the most popular is Padang Padang beach on the west side of Uluwatu, also known as the "Eat, Pray, Love Beach" from Julia Robert’s Eat Pray Love movie. Padang Padang beach is also one of the hottest surf spots with challenging waves delighting surfers a few metres away from the rocky coastline. It is recommended to wear water shoes when swimming to protect your feet from the pieces of rocks lying underneath the water. Do not miss the sunset when visiting this beach, its beautiful here.


Dreamland Beach


Another amazing beach on the southern coast of Bali Island is Dreamland beach at the Bukit Peninsula area where you can find huge luxurious residences, hotels and villas. Quite similar to many beaches in the limestone peninsular of Bali, Dreamland beach is surrounded by beautiful rocky cliffs that looms high above from the shore. Expect white sandy beach with magnificent view overlooking the cliffs and the Indian Ocean. For surfers, Dreamland is their Paradise.


Pandawa Beach


Pandawa beach is located in Kutuh Village all the way in the south. Back in 2000, this beach was empty and quiet because it was hidden behind the big white stone cliff. This is the reason why it was dubbed a ‘Secret Beach’.  Today, a large road and carpark makes it easy for visitors to find their way to Pandawa Beach. A stunning view of the ocean greets you from the top, and five beautifully carved statues of Pandawa Lima “Yudhistira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sadewa” along the cliffs on your way down. Once you’re down at the beach, you will be amazed with the infinite stretch of pure white sand and dazzling clear blue water.


Kuta Beach


Kuta beach is famous for its unbeatable and breathtakingly gorgeous sunsets. It is (approximately) five kilometers of golden coastline situated north from the island’s international airport. First thing you’ll see when you enter the beach is a small line of trees where locals hide in the shadows, offering drinks, ice cream, lounge chairs or surfing lessons. Around 4/5 PM, you will find a lot of tourists and locals who come to the beach to hang out, take part in some activities like beach soccer or watch the sunset.


Blue Point Beach


Situated close to Padang Padang beach, the entrance to the beach is at the top of a cliff, hence its name. Be prepared to go down hundreds of steep steps to get to the beach! On your way down you will find a lot of restaurants and shops. It gives you the feeling of a small, cozy surfers' village. The waves can be pretty heavy and can smash into the rocks while you’re trying to reach the beach. It’s better to go there when the tide is low.


Thomas Beach


This is an actual hidden beach in the Uluwatu area. It is called Thomas Beach thanks to its location near Thomas Homestay near the Padang Padang beach. If you want to get there, you will have to face hundreds of stairs, which means you will get to enjoy a nearly empty beach all to yourself! This is the ideal beach for those looking for a quiet space to relax away from the crowds. With smooth white sand, corals, shells and some big reefs, this tranquil setting is perfect for sun-bathing, swimming and relaxing while enjoying Bali's beautiful sun, sea and waves.


Green Bowl Beach


Green Bowl Beach is another truly hidden beach in Ungasan, Bali. Quiet, clean and pristine, this beach is devoid of crowds and noise, letting you truly enjoy one of Bali's most beautiful settings in its splendid natural state. The only sounds you hear are of nature's, birds, wind and strong waves that fall to the white sand and hit the reefs. To be here, you have to prepare to climb down 500 flights of stairs. From above, this beach looks like a bowl with green water in it, hence its name. There is also a small cave located along this beach, great for exploring and for photographs.