Fresh, Lively And Delicious

September 04, 2017

Fresh, Lively and Delicious

Sereh Gourmet Supermarket may be Bali’s gourmet utopia, the perfect shopping destination for those looking for the freshest, quality, premium produce in an invitingly luxurious setting. But don’t just head to Sereh when you’re looking to restock your fridge; Sereh Gourmet Supermarket also has its very own restaurant that serves amazingly delicious local favourites and international selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This month of September, in honour of its one year anniversary, Sereh is offering a 50% discount on selected Indonesian dishes – when you order time-honoured classics like the Gado-Gado, Soto Ayam, Nasi Campur, Oxtail Soup, Cwie Mie (an original favourite from Malang, Jawa Timur) and more from the Indonesian section in the menu, you can choose to order a second serving at half price! What a great deal for couples and friends looking for amazing value for money. Aside to dining, Sereh Café is the site for weekly exciting events including Salsa Night that takes place every Saturday from 7.00pm onwards. The event is open for public and everyone is welcomed to dance on the floor with the dancers. Come by for dinner on Salsa Night with friends and family and be entertained by lively music. Plenty of exciting events happen here at Sereh all week including BBQ Night, a popular crowd favourite amongst regulars and new visitors alike. In addition to fresh produce, guests can find fresh bakery, brewed coffee, a wine cellar and selected imported gourmet products and dry groceries. While shopping, you could choose any cut of meat from the meat counter, have it marinated or cooked at supermarket’s on-site and semi-outdoor café, right next to the building’s façade and indulge in a sumptuous meal! Under wooden trellis and intimate brick and stone settings, Sereh Café is the perfect spot to have breakfast, lunch and dinner – order from the significantly wide range available on the restaurant’s menu including local Balinese, Indonesian and International favourites. There are daily specials, and meat lovers can satisfy their carnivorous side with the Texas Style Smoked Beef Brisket, Beef Tenderloin Steak and Lamb Chops. 

Sereh Gourmet Supermarket is very selective in what it chooses to sell to its customers; it insists that a majority of its products must be fresh and of extremely high quality – you won’t find many canned or preserved foods here. Its many customers, including locals, expats and holidaymakers, have expressed their immense appreciation for this. Imported goods are shipped in from all over the globe to Sereh including USA, Europe, Australia and Asia. We learned that the selection process are quite intricate; all to ensure extreme customer satisfaction. Sereh’s impeccably arranged displays and cosy, welcoming interior is a huge plus - you won’t find glaring fluorescents here or morbid tiles; the interiors have been designed with warm lighting set against natural stones and hardwood for a chic and uplifting environment to shop in. To reap more rewards, do join the Sereh membership programme to earn points which can be exchanged for products.


Sereh Gourmet Supermarket

Jl. Wanagiri, Jimbaran - Bali | Ph: +62 361 446 8171

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