Get Around

December 17, 2014


Car rental agencies can be found in all the major tourist areas. Prices start from app. USD30 a day for a Suzuki-style jeep (Jimny) and about USD45 or a new Kijang jeep. Organize and arrange your car rental needs for a holiday or business stay. Most rental cars in Bali are in decent shape, BUT you should check them thoroughly before signing any forms. Always carry with you an international driver’s license.



You can find bikes for rent almost everywhere. Prices usually start from around USD6/day for a standard 125cc motorbike. Scooters, affectionately called ‘Bebeks’ (Ducks), start at around USD5/day. Always check the bike before parting with your cash. In Indonesia you have to wear a helmet by law and carry an international drivers license!



Cycling can be a cheap and enjoyable way to get around and about. It does, however, take some fitness to ride around the more central and hilly regions! The northern coastal roads are ideal for longer trips. You can find bike rental shops in all the main tourist areas.



Public transport in the form of mini-vans is by far the cheapest way to travel, although not the most comfortable!.



Organised tours relieve you from the hassle of trying to navigate your own way around. You do have to follow itineraries however, so spur of the moment sight-seeing is not an option on these.