Getting Married? Here’s Why You Should Have Your Wedding In Bali

April 11, 2016


If you don’t already know, Bali is a magical place. There is a special vibe to it that can’t be explained and can only be experienced. It’s beautiful culture and traditions that date back to hundreds of years ago dictate the beauty of its gentle and kind Balinese people, a touching and tender culture that shows so much respect to lives and the world around us. Let’s not forget the food – did you know that the Babi Guling (roasted pork) was once a dish served only at grand ceremonies to honour the Gods? The Bebek Betutu (Spiced Duck) used to be served only to the Kings and Queens. That was in the days of yore, but today the beauty behind its preparation and tradition will continue to lend a regal touch to your special day.


Traditional Balinese dances are enchanting tales depicting the glory of the Gods and noble warriors, delicate princesses and charming princes that once lived. You’ll fall in love with every delicate movement, the hypnotizing music of the gamelan, the costumes, smiles and flutter of every eyelid as the dancers charm you and your loved ones into another world full of magic and wonder. They say that every movement in a Balinese traditional dance are actually prayers to the Gods - what a great benchmark to begin your happily ever after. Let’s not forget the breathtaking sunsets. Imagine standing atop a sweeping cliff top as the waves crash hundreds of feet below you, the warm wind embracing you and the sounds of nature all about you. It’s one of the most surreal sights you’ll ever see – a Balinese sunset. The sky is a multitude of colours; it is God’s canvas itself celebrating the union of you and your loved one as you look into each other’s eyes and say “I do”.


Whatever your budget, preference or location within Bali, whether it is a cliff top wedding you prefer, in a trendy and hip hot spot, in the middle of a expansive rice field, or in a lush tropical jungle, your ideal Big Day will soon be realised and it will be perfect. Here’s a list of world-class resorts and villas that are on hand and ready to serve you:


1. Kayumanis


Kayumanis, a private and contemporary retreat provides the perfect environment to hold small and intimate weddings. It is a place to spend precious time with family and loved ones in the lead up to the event without the hassle of tiring airport transfers and privacy issues. With a trained professional team who will take care of all fine details, you’ll have peace of mind as you embark on your special day. Whether you prefer a garden ceremony, a relaxed beachfront gathering or a more formal affair in a restaurant setting, gracious hospitality along with impeccable service awaits you at Kayumanis. Choose from a variety of wedding packages including Intimate Wedding Package, Happily Ever After, Exclusive Reception and more.


2. Anantara Uluwatu



Sheer cliffs rising up out of azure waters, the lull of waves lapping at the base. From traditional to contemporary, Anantara Bali Uluwatu Resort is a one stop paradise for weddings in Bali and offers an array of enchanting venues for an unforgettable wedding ceremony. Say ‘I do’, then celebrate with family and friends – an evening of cocktails on the lawn, a banquet in the amphitheatre or by the pool, a sit-down dinner for 150 at the resort’s rooftop restaurant. Spend your honeymoon in intimate bliss, with luxurious suites overlooking the ocean. Anantara Bali Uluwatu’s iconic modern chapel set over the dramatic cliffs the perfect frame for the wedding of dreams. Say your vows in the most magical of settings, an intimate white wedding in an exotic paradise.



3. Bali Dynasty Resort

This premier beachside family resort is located at South Kuta Bali, providing professional and tailored wedding services to meet every couple’s needs. Whether you choose to tie the knot in its lush tropical garden, beautiful beachfront location, newly landscaped duck pond, Upperdeck or the glamorous Tent Villa, you can be sure of an exotic and enchanting wedding ceremony with exquisite details throughout, from the reception to the cocktail parties. Expect fresh floral decorations, fine cuisine, and an experienced team of professional staff dedicated to create your unforgettable occasion.


4. The Samaya Seminyak Bali


The Samaya Seminyak Bali provides the ideal setting for couples who are looking for a truly fresh and inspiring venue and style to celebrate their union in marriage. Be it a legal wedding or a commitment ceremony, The Samaya is the perfect place for couples who dream of saying “I Do” in full view of the Indian Ocean. Your dream wedding is a reality as The Samaya sets the stage for your happily ever after on a tropical island, underneath swaying palm trees on a white sandy beach. Your special day will be unbeatable with warm tropical breezes and a mesmerizing sunset backdrop.


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