Glee Starpool Package Available Now Only At Berry Glee Hotel

May 10, 2016


Enjoy the hotel's large cerulean blue semi-indoor Glee Starpool, perfect for those who want to enjoy the water without getting burnt from the sun. Around the hotel pool are other exciting facilities - Keller’s restaurant for delicious American classics and the Glee Jr. Kids’ Club; a semi outdoor area featuring a free-flow playground, sand area, the kids’ pool and an indoor baby daycare unit.
Berry Glee also has something else truly different and unique that you won’t find anywhere else – the Glee Fun Pods, which are rooms packed full of fun.

Make your booking now for a day of family fun with karaoke, blockbuster movies, gaming consoles and other high-tech gadgetry. Everything is ready for your glee-filled fun day, so get up and get your glee on at the Berry Glee Hotel today.