Guilt-free Japanese Vegan Meals

August 08, 2017

Guilt-Free Japanese Vegan Meals

Vegans who are also avid Sushi lovers can rejoice as one of Bali’s most popular Japanese restaurant and sushi bar introduces its brand new and exciting vegan menu for guilt-free meals. With locations on Sunset Road and in Beachwalk Mall, Sushi Tei Bali has been serving aficionados of fine Japanese cuisine in Bali since 2007. In addition to all-time favourites, you can now try its four new vegan selections that are delicious and satisfying and not to mention, healthy.

The additions include the new Sweet & Sour Miso Soup, Age Roll, Kinoko Yakimeshi and the Champon Udon. Perfect to accompany any Japanese meal whether raw, rolls, grilled, hot or cold servings, the Sweet & Sour Miso Soup is slightly spicy and contains vegetables, tofu and vegetarian meat. Also containing fried vegetarian meat sushi roll, the Age Roll is delightfully bite-sized and comes in six pieces on a plate, great for sharing. Ideal as a main course, the Kinoko Yakimeshi is a vegetable and mushroom fried rice that you can always pair with other items on the Sushi Tei menu, whether vegan or not. Want a bit of variety? The Japanese noodle, also known as the Udon is now available as a vegan option; the Champon Udon is meat-free and is a great steamy dish best for those looking to warm up their insides.

Sushi Tei has always been an ideal restaurant for families, and now the little ones can also have a hearty good time while dining here with the restaurant’s new Kids Menu that lets the children explore their creativity while highlighting their preferences in taste. Not all children like the same thing and some can be quite fussy eaters – but not with the new Okosama Set Menus! The Okosama Koala is a lovely set meal that would grab the attention of any child with rice prepared to look like a friendly koala. It also comes with Takoyaki Kanima with mayonnaise, Tamagoyaki, Chicken Karage and vegetable salads. The rice on the Okosama Hitsuji meanwhile, has been prepared to look like a fluffy little lamb, great to capture any child’s imagination! It comes with Kani Corn Gunkan, Ebikko Gunkan, Tamagoyaki, Inari Sushi, Chicken Karage and Ebi Tempura with vegetable salad.

Looking for something fun to do with your little troupes? The Little Kyoto and Little Osaka menus let them make their own sushi! Little Kyoto comes with 2 pieces Tamago Sushi, Inari Sushi, Tuna Salad and one Ebi Tempura Temaki while Little Osaka comes with 2 pieces Tamago Sushi, Kani Corn, Tobikko and Mini Temaki. The Okosama Set Menus, Little Kyoto and Little Osaka menus are all priced at only IDR 50,000 per set before tax and service charge. Sushi Tei Bali has been serving top quality and innovative Japanese cuisine for many years.  With its exceptional reputation, it constantly exceeds expectations by blending Japanese authenticity with its signature local touch while providing the highest level of service and comfort.


Sushi Tei

Jl. Pantai Kuta Beachwalk L#2 Blok C-14,15,16

Ph : (0361) 8464972/73

Jl. Sunset Road 99, Kuta

Ph : (0361) 8496495/6

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