Head-to-toe Chocolate Indulgence

October 02, 2017

Head-To-Toe Chocolate Indulgence

Mention the word “chocolate” to a group of chocolate lovers and you’re almost guaranteed a charmingly positive response. These would include dreamy looks, starry eyes and happy smiles. It is a well known fact that chocolate makes the world a better place - chocolate is known to improve moods and health, general wellbeing, bring people closer together and even played important roles since its discovery by the Mayans of Central America in 900AD as seen throughout history.

In today’s busy day and age, it is encouraged to take time out for yourself. Self care is very important and together with mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, a positive outlook is significant in helping in the making of a well balanced person. Aside to a beautiful and harmonious environment that promotes calm and healing, you could also take extra steps to rebalance and rejuvenate. It would be a definite bonus if you could do that with one of the world’s most favourite elixir - chocolate. At Kayumanis Jimbaran Private Estate and Spa, you’ll find Kayumanis Spa Jimbaran, a stunning and tranquil space created with the goal to help you achieve balance of the mind, body and spirit. The Spa makes a conscious effort to bring back the health and beauty traditions of a bygone era with a meticulously crafted menu featuring a compilation of rituals to rebalance the effects of a modern lifestyle. The spa menu celebrates Asia’s rich healing culture and is infused with contemporary wellness practices. This is the ideal space for you to experience the healing and therapeutic effects of chocolates, with its new Chocolate Indulgence Signature Treatment that is unique to Kayumanis Spa Jimbaran and promises to naturally detoxify and nourishes tired looking skin.

Your pampering session would begin with an aromatherapy foot bath to refresh travel-weary toes. Then it’s time to forget your woes and all your worldly troubles with a balancing head-to-toe massage that will ease muscular tension. The sense of touch is a very powerful experience and a massage can bring a caring feeling of warmth, love and intimacy and when combined with pure essential oils. For some, it is a voyage of discovery that arouses the mind, body and spirit. When your massage is over and the tension all gone, it is time for a Chocolate Body Scrub to eliminate impurities while greatly enhancing natural elasticity and thoroughly moisturizes for a radiant glow. Imagine having a rich lather of thick chocolate being rubbed all over your skin!  The result is heavenly but it doesn’t end there - be prepared for the enthralling finale; a rich Chocolate Body Wrap for a deep hydrating effect before experiencing a Kayumanis Facial and then a replenishing soak in a blissful Hot Chocolate Bath accompanied by a delectable hot chocolate drink for a feel-good conclusion!

The Chocolate Indulgence Signature Treatment is available now at Kayumanis Spa Jimbaran. It is a 3-hour treatment at IDR IDR 2.405.000++ per person. Experience it today at www.kayumanis.com/kayumanis-spa.


Kayumanis Jimbaran Private Estate & Spa

Jl. Yoga Perkanthi Jimbaran, Bali

Ph: +62 361 705 777

experience@kayumanis.com | www.kayumanis.com

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