Highest Scores For Alaya Hotels & Resorts At Booking.com

April 07, 2017

Two properties under the Alaya hospitality banner were recently rewarded for receiving positive guest reviews from Booking.com. Villa de daun achieved a total of 9.5 and Tanaya Bed & Breakfast scored 8.5 out of 10. Booking.com is a popular online travel agency that makes securing hotel rooms around the world a whole lot easier. The company recognizes the achievements of its accommodation partners every year based on the highest scoring guest reviews. Alaya Hotels and Resorts is a premier accommodation brand that selects distinct destinations for its properties. The company’s mission is to merge a new generation of hospitality and refined service standards with classic contemporary interiors and innovative space. Alaya properties are well appreciated by millennial couples and families who thirst for interesting travel opportunities and personalized experiences. www.alayahotels.com