Journey To The West - Menjangan Island

July 07, 2017

Heading West:
Menjangan Island

South Bali is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring the island's wonderfully beautiful and pristine attractions. So many visitors have stated that they do not know that Bali is so much more than Kuta, Seminyak and Ubud! Some have even expressed shock that it takes 3 hours to East, North and West from the South. 

In our previous issue, we highlighted unique attractions that you can find when travelling overland across Bali. In this particular newsletter, we would like to bring you the magic and appeal of Menjangan Island and the areas surrounding it, in West Bali.

Photo by: Nomind

About Menjangan Island

Photo by: Yudiantara

Geographically, Menjangan Island is actually a small island located just off Bali's mainland in North West Bali. It is a holy island with approximately 10 Buddhist and Hindu Temples. Locals visit the island for prayers and religious pilgrimage. The most noticeable among all the temples is the Temple of Ganesha, where a giant statue of the Lord Ganesha stands at the precipice of a dramatic cliff on the island's North East, overlooking the splendid blue the sea. 

There are no accommodations on this island. While visitors are welcomed, the island is purely for prayers and religious rituals so please wear appropriate clothing and behave respectfully. 

Menjangan, which means deer, and the areas surrounding it on the mainland are wildly inhabited by the local deer species as well as a myriad of birds, black monkeys and an incredible marine life. This area and Menjangan Island are part of the West Bali National Park, a huge area of protected reserve. You could opt to stay at the West Bali National Park but not on Menjangan Island. Also in the West, you'll find the famous village of Pemuteran and Gilimanuk. 

North West Bali is also the "it" spot when it comes to diving and snorkelling, famous the world over. Filled with magnificent marine life, beautiful coral gardens and unique species that are abundant only in this part of the globe, diving here is an experience that can never be forgotten. 

Activities Near Menjangan Island

Photo by: Billy Prasojo

Activities that the most tourists like to do while on holiday in Menjangan island is snorkelling or scuba diving. Snorkelling spot on this island is not only in one place. There are some very interesting places for sea lovers. The first spot is near the pier. Its location is very close to the beach. If you swim a bit on the edge you will only see a few fish passing by but if you continue to swim to the centre of the coral reefs, you will see various kinds of colourful fish and beauty of underwater.

Photo by: Wonderful Menjangan

The second spot is not too far from the first spot. It's great for snorkelling as it is near the cliff and you will not need to dock at the pier. Although you do not dive into the sea, you can still see the beauty of coral reefs from the cliff thanks to the crystal clear waters For those who do not want to go snorkelling but want to see the beauty of underwater of Mejangan, then this spot is ideal. It's one of the reasons why Menjangan Island is also referred to as the paradise of underwater life.

Photo by: Odyssey Submarine

For those who want to bring children to see the beauty of underwater in Menjangan Island without diving or snorkelling, you can use an Odyssey submarine that will take you on a seabed tour without diving and snorkelling.

Those who prefer to stay dry, North West Bali is perfect for trekking and sightseeing. Get up close to untouched raw natural beauty, breathtaking vistas and make friends with the friendly locals. The area has an incredibly fascinating history, and you could visit waterfalls, temples and old palaces while you're there.

Stay Near Menjangan Island

Photo by: Menjangan Dynasty Resort

Now, you can enjoy beauty of North West Bali and Menjangan Island at Menjangan Dynasty Resort, Beach Camp and Dive Centre. The resort brings nature to you while having all of today’s luxurious amenities at your fingertips. This eco-friendly boutique retreat features 24 beach camp tents, 2 one-bedroom and 2 two-bedroom tent villas - each villa with its own private pool. Created to the highest standards in South Africa from robust double-skinned canvas, the tents’ interiors are tastefully decorated with travel-related bric-a-bracs to capture the romantic ambience of the classic safari club style.

This is “glamping” at its best, so expect a five-star bed, a flat screen TV & DVD player, fast and stable WIFI, air-conditioning a mini bar, safe deposit box, IDD telephone, hairdryer, full bathroom amenities and of course, an
in-tent bathroom and shower. Once you’ve settled in, it’s time to explore. The resort’s 158sqm infinity swimming pool located on a small cliff is perfect for a refreshing swim or relax with a signature cocktail or two at Pasir Putih Beach Club & Bar. For the ultimate indulgence, nothing beats an hour or two at the Pasir Putih Spa by Ambiente.

Photo by: Atlas Pearls

On your excursion, you can visit the Atlas Pearls North Bali pearl farm. Atlas Pearls has an enviable reputation as a global leader in Eco-pearling and the producer of the South Sea pearls. At Atlas Pearls, 3000 hands are involved in the journey of an Atlas pearl from the moment the oyster is born until it is delivered into the hands of the wearer. The result is stunning, finished jewellery products for sale across the world and here in Bali. 

The North Bali Atlas Pearl Farm is easily accessible during your tour. Located near the village of Pemuteran, the farm is where the hatchery is located: from the breeding & birth of the oyster to its seeding, all steps of the creation of a pearl are explained. A boutique awaits you with a large selection of loose pearls, jewellery and gift items to take home.

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