New Dishes & Crowd Favourites

September 04, 2017

New Dishes & Crowd Favourites

If you’re a fan of Hard Rock Cafe’s limited-time menu offerings, you’ll now have reason to celebrate as some popular items including Cauliflower Wings, Atomic Burger and Java Lava Burger have earned permanent spots on Hard Rock’s core menu together with a special local burger; the Balinese Sambal Chili Burger. These popular items have moved from cult favourites to centre stage as a result of consumer demand during popular in-restaurant activations including the Vegetarian Menu & World Burger Tour and Burger.

Hard Rock Cafe’s new menu* additions include:

  • Cauliflower “Wings” - Crispy Buffalo-style cauliflower served with bleu cheese, celery and carrot sticks.
  • Atomic Burger - Beef patty topped with Atomic beer-battered peppers, pepper jack cheese, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, garlic chipotle ketchup and chipotle mayo.
  • Java Lava Burger - Beef patty grilled and dressed in a house-made espresso rub and topped with lava sauce, crunchy java onions, bacon, melted Cheddar cheese and garnished with a fried jalapeño from Seattle, Washington.
  • Quinoa Burger - A house-made patty of quinoa, red onions, portabellas, eggs, cheddar, pecan, barley, soy sauce, and breadcrumbs on a burger bun with hummus, arugula, tomatoes and grilled red onions.
  • Balinese Sambal Chili Burger - Beef patty smothered with chilli shrimp paste topped with fried shallot, fried anchovy, fried onion rings, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce and two slices of Cheddar cheese.

Do stop by your local Hard Rock Café for a tantalizing culinary experience or visit for more information!

*Menu items may vary by location.

Hard Rock Café Bali

Jl. Pantai Kuta, Banjar Pande Mas, Kuta - Bali

+62 - 361 - 755661

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