Official Report: The Bali Plus Digital Journal 2018

January 02, 2018

Official Report 2018:
The Bali Plus Digital Journal

Dear Beloved Clients and Friends:

We begin 2018 with great news from the digital realm: Bali Plus Magazine is now at number 1 in terms of ranking and engagement on Facebook! 

2017 was a year of digital innovation; we underwent a major paradigm shift, moving steadily forward to grow our online presence - and now we're seeing the results in 2018!

Target audiences and online engagements are showing healthy growth worldwide - these include followers, likes, views and reach on Instagram, Facebook, our Website and the Newsletter.

The Bali Plus Facebook Page as at 2 January 2018:

We endeavour to stay well ahead of all digital trends with our successful digital marketing and content marketing strategies to ensure the success of your marketing campaigns.

If you would like daily updates on our Facebook Page reach and statistics, feel free to message Admin or call us +62  895 394 350 333.

In the meantime, here's to a wonderful 2018 and thank you all for your endless support.

Yours Truly,

Hendra Lapusa
President & Founder 
Pt. Trijaya Dewata