Ryoshi - Japanese With A Fresh Twist

September 11, 2015

Japanese cuisine, who doesn’t love it?




Travelling to any major city around the globe and you’ll be sure to find a few outlets to satisfy your craving for the immaculate taste of the orient.


mixed-grills-seafoodWhen looking for Japanese food to enjoy whether for lunch or dinner, Ryoshi is a must try.It is the first Japanese restaurant to open in Bali 20 years ago, and takes the top spot in presenting patrons with delectable Japanese cuisines that comes with a fresh new twist.


Ask anybody you meet while you’re in Bali; mention “Japanese cuisine” or  “Japanese restaurant” and the name Ryoshi will automatically pop up.


So satisfying indeed, it has become so that the Ryoshi brand is now synonymous with the term “delicious”, “fresh”, “affordable” and “unique”. As the first Japanese restaurant openedin Bali, Ryoshi holds true to its core values thereby giving you its well-known signature taste that reflects great quality and freshness that promotes great health.


Since it’s opening 20 years ago, Ryoshi has been serving up platters of delicious and fresh Japanese delicacies, including sushi, sashimi, teriyaki and other favourite Japanese selections. The food will not only do your taste buds the justice it deserves, the freshness itself will be sure to add continuous “zings” to your meal.


Ryoshi prides itself on serving superbly fresh foods; only the newest and the best will be selected and delivered every day to its outlets across Bali. All products come locally, with the exception of the salmon fish due to simple fact that the fish’s natural habitat is geographically in colder waters.


jazz-music-by-ryoshiOn your first bite you will notice that the Japanese food that you are enjoying comes with a slight pleasing twist – this is the result of Ryoshi’s creative local chefs who are constantly creating new and exciting creations that fuses with the traditional Japanese dishesto jazz up your Japanese dining experience.


Speaking of jazz, it is also noteworthy to know that Ryoshi is Bali’s first and only jazz club. The outlet prides itself with its internationally known jazz musicians and artists. It is a jazz pioneer in the island of Bali, and in fact, is the proud sponsor of the International Bali Jazz Festival that happens here once a year.


Aside to its ever growing and ever-delicious menu, Ryoshi is also growing its foothold in the culinary industry by opening new restaurants under its umbrella brand. It’s recent opening of Sakanaya – Japanese word for “fish market” - provides simple, delicious and fresh meals to patrons.


Sakanaya also manufactures and sells its own Japanese sauces, spices and tofu products that are a hundred percent natural and organic with no added preservatives or additives.


So whether it is grilled, steam, fried or raw, if Japanese is what you crave, head on down to Ryoshi in Seminyak, Sanur, Kuta or Ubud, or its new outlet Sakanaya (or both!) to enjoy an amazing, delectable culinary adventure that will never be forgotten. 


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