Saraswati & Banyu Pinaruh

January 03, 2017


21 January 2017

Saraswati is a traditional Balinese holiday that celebrates knowledge through the Goddess Saraswati, a symbol of knowledge, arts, wisdom and learning.  On Saraswati day, offerings and prayers are presented in temples, homes, schools, offices as well as to books and sacred texts, which are regarded as sources of knowledge. Held once every 210 days, ceremonies are usually conducted in the morning as the Goddess is believed to return to Heaven in the afternoon. The day after Saraswati is Banyu Pinaruh, a day dedicated to cleansing. On this day, the Balinese will head towards the sea, sacred waterfalls or river spots to cleanse themselves and offer prayers to the Goddess before returning to their family homes to prepare and enjoy a family feast.