Streetfood Chef Will Meyrick Is Restaurateur Of The Year

April 27, 2016

Acclaimed Street Food Chef Will Meyrick was recently awarded Restaurateur of the Year - Excellence Awards at the World Gourmet Summit 2016. An international gastronomic extravaganza, the annual epicurean festival showcases the intricate craftsmanship of prestigious chefs; it is also an exposition of the internationally acclaimed vintners. The brainchild behind Tiger Palm, Sarong and MamaSan Bali, received the award in Singapore recently.  Tiger Palm is the latest venture of the Sarong Group and with internationally acclaimed Will Meyrick at its helm, guests can be assured of the diverse Tiger Palm menu, which draws from the cultures and cuisines of Malaysia with direct influences of Nyonya and Thai cooking as well as food historically inspired by the Chinese traders and self-starting businessmen from Southern India. Meanwhile, MamaSan Bali is perfect for anyone who appreciates to lounge in style and eat quality food without it being too expensive.