Ten More Famed Flavours For The Gourmand

October 02, 2017

Ten More Famed Flavours For The Gourmand

Spice by Chris Salans, a stylish gastro-bar serving innovative drinks and a cuisine based on the surprising flavours and healing properties of Indonesia’s aromatic roots, herbs, and spices, is no stranger to Bali’s thriving dining scene. It is an affordable way to experience the genius of Chris Salans’s internationally acclaimed cuisine based on Indonesian flavours and French techniques, made famous by his flagship Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique in Ubud, central Bali. It is a culinary approach that has now become an influential movement and propelled Chef Salans to celebrity status in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Recently, we heard from the man himself who shared with us the latest updates from his kitchens where all the magic happens. “Spice by Chris Salans has changed its menu to encourage guests to share dishes and gain a broader experience of the cuisine. In response to guests’ requests for more dishes and larger dishes, we have added 10 more dishes, and separated the menu into appetizers and main courses. Come and try it out for yourself!” said the beloved celebrity Chef who recommends starting your next meal at Spice with the Crispy Pork Bites with Spiced Salt and Pickled Chilli and for dessert, the Baked Cocoa Cookie with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Kenari Nuts for a satisfying ending. The new menu promises to enthrall every gourmand. At first glance, it brings so much to the imagination - a plethora of herbs and spices are infused with traditional Indonesian favourites and international flavours, with dishes like Snapper Carpaccio, Tamarind Croutons and Rojak, Slipper Lobster with Curry Leaf Butter Tempe, Steak with Sambal Hijau and Ciabatta Bread and Pan Seared Barramundi Fillet with Kemangi & Kenari Nuts. Foodies love Spice not only for its imaginative cuisine and “funky drinks,” but also for the collaboration between the chef and the mixologist, who are happy to confer with guests and to design bespoke cocktails that pair ingeniously with a particular dish.

Just like its sister restaurant Mozaic, Spice by Chris Salans is a fresh oasis of ingenuity in the world of gastronomy. The uniqueness of the experience has become the hallmark of its reputation, encompassing the quality of the ingredients, the perfect execution, the sheer multitude of flavours and the quality of the service, all to be enjoyed in a lush tropical setting. It all began in July 2015, when Chris opened his first Spice by Chris Salans outlet in Ubud which has met great acclaim. He opened his second Spice by Chris Salans outlet in Sanur in September 2016 and in 2017 in the fashionably chic town of Seminyak. To date, Chris Salans remains one of Bali’s top culinary ambassadors, promoting the island as a foodie destination and participating in culinary events worldwide as a Master Chef. At the World Gourmet Summit held in Singapore in Nov 2014, Chris was awarded the prestigious MANITOWOC Restaurateur of the Year and was also honored at Sunrice School for being a mentor in his field.


Spice by Chris Salans

Jl Batu Belig, Seminyak, Bali | Ph: +62 361 975 768 | www.mozaic-bali.com


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