The Wonder Of Atlas Pearls

March 07, 2017

There is nothing quite like the elegance and grace that exudes from a beautiful strand of pearls. Classic or contemporary, pearls are the symbols of beauty, style, grace and love that are equated to beauty and wealth. The pearl is also unique as it is the only gem that is grown inside a living creature. Gem quality pearls are typically always iridescent but if you’re confused about the price of pearls and choosing fine quality, premium pearls, it is always best to purchase from a trusted jeweller so that you can be sure you’re going home with a great investment for your loved ones, yourself and even for the future generations.

It has been said that every woman should own a strand of pearls. So the next time you’re in Bali and looking for your set of pearls, do take a visit to the Atlas Pearls showroom in Seminyak to browse its extensive range of classic and contemporary designs. While you make a purchase, it is good to know that Atlas nurtures, creates and retails high quality pearls and pearl products, which, through their formation, are inextricably linked to the well-being of surrounding communities and environments. With every purchase of an illustrious pearl, you would also be indirectly supporting 900 local people and over 3000 local families who are working on Atlas Pearl’s five pearl farms located throughout the Indonesian archipelago and the Raja Ampat region (West Papua). These farms produce some of the world’s best silver and white South Sea pearls, nurtured by the loving hands of the dedicated staff at Atlas Pearls farms. Atlas Pearls touch so many hearts and is an essential part of these remote communities where it also actively facilitates the empowerment of women by training them to be master pearl technicians or grafters in a predominantly male industry. These employment opportunities have also led to a noticeable shift from the dominant patriarchal family structure that prevails in many parts of Indonesia to a family dynamic where income goes into education and family well-being before anything else. Multiple community programs run by the company also help to assist in cultural exchange, education and investments in Australian and Indonesian communities.

While we celebrate the spirit and origin of an Atlas Pearl with finished jewellery, cosmetic and fragrance products featured at some of the country’s most prestigious fashion events, we also remember the 3000 hands which were involved in the journey of an Atlas pearl from the moment the oyster is born until it is delivered into the hands of the wearer. Every Atlas pearl has a unique history encapsulating the environment where it has been grown and cultural variety of the people who farm the pearl.  So when you visit Bali next, take home a token of the island's spirit, whether it is a timeless classic design or something more contemporary for the young, modern woman. Or explore the magic and visit Atlas’s North Bali Pearl Farm located in Singaraja to unlock the mysteries of the pearl yourself.


Atlas Pearls and Perfumes

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Ph: +62 361 732 769

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