Tumpek Landep | October 18

September 30, 2014

upacara tumpek landep

Image found on: infokebali.com


Tumpek Landep is a day when the Balinese pray to the God of Heirlooms and pay homage to items made from steel, silver, copper, bronze, and other metals - symbolizing the asking for a sharper mind, in accordance to spirituality and mentality.


This holy day is devoted to Sang Hyang Pasupati, the Lord of metal tools and weapons. On Tumpek Landep, the Balinese make their offerings and prayers for metallic equipment such as machinery, vehicles, kitchen equipment, and others – typically hanging ornaments and decorations such as “tamiang” and “sampian gantung” which are made from coconut leaves, as a gratitude to the God for great mind and knowledge.


Ceremonies take place inside the family homes, yards, and temples. Weapons, such as the traditional keris (wavy double-bladed dagger), guns, spears, and others are symbolically worshiped in order that it will bring safety and fortune to the owner and the user.


Tumpek Landep is basically held to sharpen mind – it holds great meaning as a spiritual purification and spiritual elevation. The Balinese believe that the highest level and the greatest weapon of human beings is their mind, through which we are able to create a better life. And by sharpening the mind, the Balinese hope that it will bring more intelligence to face and overcome the enemies from inside our human bodies, such as poverty, ignorance, and many problems in life. In the face of problems, each weapon’s life needs to be sharpened – and thus the symbolism of honoring the physical weapons and their God.