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Welcome to the ultimate beach club experience in Bali with BaliPlus Zone! Get ready to indulge in the epitome of tropical luxury as we take you on a journey through the stunning beach destinations of Ungasan-Uluwatu, Canggu, Jimbaran-Nusa Dua, Seminyak-Legian, Gianyar, and Trio Nusa. Immerse yourself in the laid-back vibes of Uluwatu, where beach clubs offer breathtaking cliffside views and stylish lounging areas. In Canggu, discover a haven of hip beachfront hangouts where music, surf, and good vibes come together seamlessly. Indulge in the ultimate beach club experience in Jimbaran, where pristine sandy shores meet gourmet cuisine and captivating sunset vistas. Seminyak, known for its trendy atmosphere, offers a vibrant beach club scene with chic pools, live DJs, and creative cocktails. Gianyar presents a blend of cultural richness and beachside relaxation, with beach clubs nestled amidst traditional temples and picturesque landscapes. Lastly, Trio Nusa unveils an island paradise where pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters are complemented by exclusive beachfront venues. BaliPlus Zone invites you to savor the beauty and luxury of these remarkable beach club destinations, where unforgettable moments await you at every turn. Get ready to soak up the sun, sip on refreshing drinks, dance to the rhythm of the ocean, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Jimbaran – Nusa Dua

Canna Bali

Canna Bali is inviting guests to celebrate their love for the island, sun, sea, sand and (endless) summer!

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