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Welcome to Bali, tourists, travelers, and adventure-seekers…

You have arrived at an especially exciting time of the year, with busy season upon us. There’s a buzz in the air as the beaches fill with sunbathers and surfers, the malls and markets with shoppers, and the streets with people from all around the globe seeking their summer escape in this tropical paradise.

Whether you’re looking for the most popular hotspots or aiming to find a few special gems a bit more off the beaten path – you can rely on Bali Plus to point you in the right direction. Fine Indonesian and International dining establishments, exceptional accommodation options, to the all-time favorite tourist destinations – you’ll find it all here, the go-to source for visitors navigating their way around Bali’s most popular tourist areas.

We’ll give you a special taste of what new and hot is cooking at the classic Warisan Restaurant with their new internationally-seasoned chef. Travel off the main tourist strips to discover a gem of the Seminyak scene, The Straw Hut. You’ll get a glimpse of what’s been the talk of the town, Townhouse – as well as a sampler of Nusa Dua’s TAPA Bistro. And explore some fine foods to take out at Bali Deli…

We’ll give you a fresh look at AirAsia, the top choice low-cost, fun airline in Asia. You’ll learn a bit about Bali’s finest lace artisanship and gorgeous locally-produced garments at Ulutwatu. Or if you want a more conventional modern shopping experience, check out Lippo Mall Kuta. Learn about some of the ways you can beautify yourself at Ultimo Clinic. You’ll get a snapshot of Waterbom Bali’s newest adrenaline-spiking, industry-leading waterslides. And you’ll learn of KU DE TA’s annual “I’m An Angel”charity event.

To a wonderful and memorable holiday experience, we wish you all the best…


“Om Swasti-Astu”

(Balinese for ‘Welcome’)


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