Buleleng, Bali – The construction project for the Turyapada Technology Park Bali Smart Communication Tower (KBS) 6.0 Kerti Bali launched by the Bali Provincial Government (Pemprov) in Banjar Dinas Amerta Sari, Pegayaman Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency has begun construction.


Bali Governor Wayan Koster said that the construction of the tower at Banjar Dinas Amertasari, Pegayaman Village, was not only used to support telecommunications technology. However, it is also projected to become a new tourist destination in Bali, which combines natural beauty and technology.
Turyapada Tower is built with a height of 115 meters at an altitude of 1,521 meters above sea level.

Turyapada Tower is specifically designed to have a minimum building resistance of 500 years. As well as being built with a double structural system so that it is resistant to earthquakes and strong winds. The budget used to build the Turyapada Tower KBS 6.0 Kerti Bali Integrated Area is IDR 418 billion. With a development period of approximately 1 year.

Construction has started since July 23 2022, and will be completed at the end of August 2023, which is being carried out by PT. Hutama Karya KSO Yodya Karya,” he said.

According to Koster, the construction of the Turyapada Tower is a fulfillment of his promise to the people of Buleleng. Turyapada Tower was built to overcome the limited reach of television broadcasts (blank spots), especially in the Buleleng area. Even this tower is estimated to be able to optimize digital television broadcasts with a coverage of 80 percent in the Buleleng, Jembrana and Karangasem areas.

Apart from that, according to him, this tower will later have multifunctional facilities which will be equipped with a communication equipment museum, a planetarium, a 360 degree rotating restaurant and a glass bridge.
The Turyapada Tower Project is designed as an international tower that is same class as to the five other towers in the world, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Tokyo Tower in Tokyo, Toronto Tower in Canada, Macau Tower in China, and the Fernsehturm Tower in Berlin.

“The Turyapada Tower area is integrated which is environmentally friendly, beautiful, and very cool, because it contains flower gardens, orchards, children’s play areas, glamping, flying fox, MSMEs, and restaurants. For the convenience of visitors, a 1 hectare parking area has been prepared, and prepared gondola that moves 1.4 km from the parking area to Turyapada Tower,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Project Manager of the Turyapada Tower Project, Ari Kurniawan, said that the construction of the Turyapada Tower said that the first process to be carried out was to carry out lane clearing (land clearing). Because the location of the tower construction is in a hilly and forest area. The next step is to install the drill pile. Particularly in the area of ​​the tower drill pile installed with a depth of 25 meters, with a diameter of 1500 centimeters.

Meanwhile for the podium there is a combination of 80 centimeters in diameter and 60 centimeters in diameter. So that the tower building can withstand earthquakes and strong winds.

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