Kuningan is derived from the word “kun- ing”, which means yellow. It is the nal day of a long series of ceremonies and prayers conducted for the Galungan celebrations. The Balinese believe that on this day, their ancestors return to heaven after visiting earth in the days surrounding Galungan. As a symbol of gratitude, they make o er- ings of yellow rice placed in bowls made of coconut leaves and hold prayers, rituals and ceremonies in their homes and family temples. The bowls are decorated with g- ures of shadow puppets, which represent angels that bring joy and wealth to earth. Throughout Bali, the Barong, a mythical Balinese creature and a symbol of health, purity and good fortune will be going from door-to-door followed by children playing traditional Balinese musical instruments. It is customary to give a small donation when you see the Barong for good luck. Kuningan is an important day for the Ba- linese, and most will be taking the day o to be with their families in their respective villagers for prayers and other cultural ac- tivities.

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