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Tilem (dark moon) is a ceremony dedicated for Dewa Surya (the god of sun). Hindu Balinese people praying at the village temple in the afternoon. Tilem is believed as a special day to purify inner self and to eliminate all impurities inside of human being. In general, Tilem ceremony is a regular monthly ritual as Tilem occurs once in a month when the earth position is in between the sun and the moon so we cannot see the moon over the sky. However, some big ceremonies fall in tilem day, such as: Tawur Kesanga on Tilem Kesanga (the ninth tilem of the year), Siwaratri on the seventh tilem of the year, Eka Dasa Rudra, a very big ceremony which occurs every 100 years on tilem Kesanga, and Panca Wali Krama at Besakih temple which is held every 10 years on Tilem Sasih Kesanga.

Purnama – Tilem Day Bali | The Secret Day Full Moon and New Moon

In Hindu religion, there are two types of ritual, Nitya Yadnya and Naimitika Yadnya. Nitya Yadnya is a ritual that is held everyday like the daily offerings and Tri Sandya (3 times praying everyday) while Naimitika Yadnya is a ritual that is held at a specific time, Like the Purnama and Tilem ceremony.

Purnama and Tilem Ceremony is held every 15 days in each month. within one year, Hindus celebrate Purnama 12 times and Tilem 12 times. Purnama is the day when the moon emits a bright light celebrated on full moon. Tilem is called the death month it is termed as darkness, celebrated on a New moon day.The philosophy of the lunar cycle (Purnama and Tilem) taught Balinese people that life is filled with Light and dark, good and bad, black and white, life and death called Rwa Bhineka. The two opposite things will always come in turns. We should not be exaggerated when getting happiness and do not over do when experiencing suffer.
On Purnama or full moon, Hindu people worship to Sang Hyang Chandra as the God of moon. On Tilem or new moon, Hindu people worship to Sang Hyang Surya as the ruler of the sun. Balinese people believe that full moon and new moon emit a certain energy that affects the life of living creatures on earth. Hindu people perform prayers with special offering added on Purnama and Tilem.

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