Place to See In The North

On your way to Singaraja or Lovina are some lovely places to visit. Bedugul is renowned for its beautiful ‘Ulun Danu’ temple in Lake Bratan. The lake is situated in a volcanic crater with breathtaking views. The lush tropical grounds are a lovely place for a picnic or stroll. There are also some exotic birds and snakes on display which make a great photo opportunity. Be sure to bring an umbrella, because it frequently rains in this region of Bali. The Botanical Garden, which is just minutes away, holds 200 hectares of land. One can drive through a portion of the gardens and see colorful birds, beautiful flowers & exotic trees. You can continue your trip by heading straight up North from Bedugul to Gitgit Waterfalls which are the tallest waterfalls in Bali. The inviting cool waters of the river below will entice you to take a dip. Coffee, clove & rice terraces surround these lovely falls. Once you have arrived in the Singaraja/Lovina area, you will also have many choices of things to see and do.

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