Temples in The North & West

The Beji Temple which represents Northern Bali’s colorful architec-tural style is definitely worth a visit. There are a variety of interesting sculptures on display.

Maduwe Karang Temple is known for its humorous unique wall carving called “Gentlemen Riding a Bicycle.”

Jagatnatha Temple is the largest temple in North Bali and is located in the center of Singaraja.

The Sanggar Dwi Mekar is one of the best Balinese dance and Gamelan Schools headed by Pak Durpa. This is the cultural training ground for 250 students from North Bali. They have performed many international shows in Japan, Belgium and Germany.

Gedong Kirtya is an outstanding library in Singaraja housing thousands of ancient Balinese documents. The library’s contents, ‘Lontar,’ consist of Balinese literature, medical texts and even comic strips called ‘Prasi.’

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