Each year, Bali commemorates Nyepi Day, a day of meditation following the new moon in March on the Balinese Saka calendar. Everything comes to a standstill – lights, sounds, and traffic – offering a rare opportunity to appreciate peace and quiet. Experience the unique culture of Bali and the island’s allure during this time, whether you choose to stay on the island or venture elsewhere. Enjoy a restful and meaningful Nyepi holiday at either Hotel Tugu Bali or Hotel Tugu Lombok, where you can immerse yourself in serene, spiritual surroundings. Indulge in award-winning Indonesian spa treatments, delightful dining options, and stunning views of the sea or lush tropical gardens and lotus ponds

Pro tips for an unforgettable adventure: consider arriving early at Batu Bolong Beach, where you can witness the sacred Melasti cleansing ceremony at the renowned Batu Bolong temple, just a few minutes away from the hotel. This ancient ritual aims to purify both the human body (Bhuwana Alit) and the entire earth (Bhuwana Agung) from negative energies and malevolent spirits. And as the sun sets, join in the captivating Ogoh-Ogoh procession, a cherished tradition celebrated throughout Bali on the eve of Nyepi Day. Dive into the heart of Balinese spirituality and culture with these enriching experiences that promise to leave a lasting impression.

Here, at Hotel Tugu Bali, you will uncover the romantic tales and cultural treasures that lie within the heart of the island of the gods, amidst the modern and hip surroundings. Be an explorer on a journey through time as you enter the hotel’s corridors, where each corner reveals a piece of history waiting to be discovered and tells a story of its own. Wander through the enchanting tropical lotus pond that emerges from the Puri Le Mayeur Villa, a tribute to the timeless love shared between Belgian painter Le Mayeur and his muse, the famed Legong dancer Ni Polok. Submerge yourself in the rich heritage of Bali as you admire nineteenth-century artifacts and delve into the island’s history within the Bale Puputan room and step into the sacred Ji Bale Sutra, home to a 300-year-old Kang Xi period temple, and feel the echoes of centuries past. These experiences offer more than just a break from the ordinary – they ignite a cultural awakening, leaving you inspired and enchanted.

Don’t forget to Savor a delightful blend of Balinese, Javanese, and Peranakan cuisine at IWA Restaurant. Nestled beneath a majestic Balinese hall adorned with mythical statues, each dish is a journey through Indonesia’s rich culinary heritage. Experience the warmth of Balinese hospitality amidst the protective embrace of ancient guardians.

If you opt for a more tropical getaway, whisked away and escaping to a paradise on earth, a short journey to Hotel Tugu Lombok is a must. Imagine a secluded haven nestled amidst kilometers of pristine white sand beaches and tranquil turquoise waters, where playful turtles frolic among vibrant corals. You can also discover a sanctuary of serenity at the acclaimed Hening Swarga spa, where ancient Indonesian beauty wellness rituals await, promising relaxation and rejuvenation. From the temple’s rooftop, revel in breathtaking views of the sea and lush tropical landscapes, offering an ideal setting for yoga or meditation. Adorned with intricate Singhasari and Majapahit sculptures, the temple tower adds to the ambiance of tranquility and spirituality. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and authentic traditions of Lombok for an unforgettable Silence Day celebration.

Whether it’s sipping afternoon tea by the shore or diving into exciting water sports like snorkeling and paddleboarding, each activity promises joy. After romantic walks and a starlit dinner, unwind in your outdoor rainforest tub to the soothing sounds of the waves. For an unforgettable experience, set sail on our majestic boats, Naga Mesem or Dewa Ruci, for breathtaking dawn and sunset rides. Discover the magic of Sire Beach for a truly memorable getaway.


Silence Day Escape at Hotel Tugu Bali
Stay packages include:
• Daily lavish breakfast
• 30% off massage at Waroeng Djamoe Spa
• Signature afternoon tea
• Free Kids Cookies Making activity on Nyepi Day
• Free extra bed & breakfast for one child under 11 years old

Starting from IDR 2,900,000++/ night
*Minimum 2 nights stay
*Valid from 10-12 March 2024
*For Domestic & KITAS Holder
*Terms and condition apply 

Silence Day Escape at Hotel Tugu Lombok
Stay package include:
• Daily lavish breakfast
• 30% off at Hening Swarga Spa
• Signature afternoon tea
• Free beach activities: Kayaking, Snorkeling, Canoeing, and Paddle
• Free extra bed & breakfast for one child under 11 years old

Starting from IDR 2,300,000++/ night
*Minimum 2 nights stay
*Valid from 10-12 March 2024
*For Domestic & KITAS Holder
*Terms and condition apply

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About Tugu Hotels, Exotic Spas, & Restaurants

Tugu Hotels are privately owned and designed collection of luxury art hotels born out of one man’s love and passion for Indonesia’s romantic history. Tugu Hotels’ founder, arguably Indonesia’s biggest collector of fine Indonesian art and cultural antiquities, designed these beautiful museum hotels to house his antiques and to tell the world the romantic stories and legends of ancient kingdoms of Indonesia.

Tugu Hotels, Exotic Spas, & Restaurants in Bali, Lombok, Jakarta and East Java, all stands as ethereal monuments of forgotten art, culture and romance of the thousand-years-old Indonesian archipelago. This fully Indonesian experience is achieved not only through a most unique design amidst majestic landscapes, historic towns and refurbished historic buildings, but also from various cultural experiences that guests can only have in the hotels. Tugu— the art, soul, and romance of Indonesia.

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