The Standard & Poor’s Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment once again ranks Meliá as the most sustainable company in the world in the Hotels, Resorts and Cruises category for 2022.

Palma, February, 2023.- Meliá Hotels International, the leading hotel company in Spain, has achieved the highest rating in the global travel industry in the latest S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), an assessment of the performance in sustainability of companies in 2022. The result has been achieved in spite of a more stringent analysis which has caused decreases in the overall score of 25% of the more than 10,000 companies analysed.

S&P Global’s CSA is the world’s most comprehensive and prestigious annual assessment of the sustainability performance of companies across all industries, focusing on economic, governance, social and environmental criteria, as well as on industry-specific criteria. Meliá has taken part since 2018, a year in which it was ranked third in the industry. From 2019 t0 2021 the company achieved the top position in the ranking in Spain and Europe, and second place globally.

As of January 20, the new assessment places Meliá at the top of the industry ranking, with an overall score of 74 points out of 100. Of the three dimensions included in the analysis, Meliá obtained the highest score in the industry in the first two (Social, with 72 points, the same as obtained by Asset World Corporation, and Economic and Governance, with 81 points) and also leads the industry in criteria such as:

.- Risk and crisis management

.- Environmental reporting

.- Climate strategy

.- Social reporting

.- Human rights

.- Human capital development

.- Management of customer relationships

After the devastating impact of the pandemic on travel, the more intangible aspects of companies have become increasingly more relevant. For Gabriel Escarrer, Executive Vice President and CEO of Meliá, “In the current complex business environment, sustainability has become as one of the most important values for companies, and for Meliá, especially due to the family nature of our business, it is now a key factor in driving our transformation and responding to the demands and expectations of our customers, employees, shareholders and investors, hotel owners and society in general. For all of them, we are proud to have once again achieved this recognition as the most sustainable hotel company in the world”.

Melia Hotel International Brand has four brands in Indonesia: Gran Melia Hotels & Resort, Melia Hotel & Resort, INNSiDE by Melia, and SOL by Melia. INNSiDE by Melia Yogyakarta is an Indonesian INNSiDE By Melia brand. Supporting sustainability, instead of throwing away the eggshell trash, INNSiDE by Melia Yogyakarta utilizes it to make eggshell powder fertilizer, which contains critical nutrients for plants and vegetables. The hotel constructs unique areas near the outside parking area where fruit and raw kitchen components such as passion fruit, melon, chili, and banana can be grown and create a farm-to-table dining experience.

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