Shifting Tastes in Bali

The Evolution of Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomic

The iconic Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant Bali has reopened its doors earlier this year under the leadership of new head chef Blake Thornley, alongside chef Chris Salans. The famous Asian gastronomic destination has undergone extensive remodelling to offer a new and exciting multi-concept dining experience.

As of June 1st 2023, Mozaic now offers three different dining experiences under one roof:

  • The Dining Room, the newly air-conditioned dining room set amongst the tropical garden of Mozaic, which will continue to serve the tasting menus that Mozaic is renowned for. Open daily from 6:00pm until 10:00pm.
  • The Tasting Rooms, a live kitchen bar and lounge with a walk-in wine room, mixology concept, and seasonal sharing plates. Open from 12:00pm until 01:00am.
  • The Chef ’s Table, a beautiful air-conditioned space where the Chefs offer a live and interactive cooking experience based on tasting menus from the Mozaic cuisine. Open for dinner with 1st seating at 7:00pm and 2nd seating 8:00pm.

Chef Blake says, “The idea of multi offerings is a perfect match to current and upcoming trends. People nowadays are so used to being continuously stimulated that offering guests a variety of experiences within one space is defining the upcoming trend in F&B hospitality.”

Chef Thornley, who previously served as head chef at Mozaic for six years, brings his passion for creativity and cooking to the restaurant’s evolution. Having worked at renowned restaurants such as Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago and OHA Group in Shanghai, Chef Thornley has honed his culinary skills to showcase locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients and unique tastes while emphasizing the integrity of ingredients and the passion of producers.

Chef Thornley’s innovative approach offers an intrepid gastronomic discovery that stays true to Mozaic’s roots of delivering culinary excellence while showcasing Indonesian spices, ingredients, and seasonal products with a zero-waste approach. Chef Blake and the team at Mozaic are working closely with local suppliers and producers in sourcing and cultivating the best ingredients, as well as aligning more sustainable elements to the Mozaic offering, such as natural wines and zero-waste dishes

With the opening of the new Tasting Rooms, Chefs Blake and Chris are opening the Mozaic experience to a new direction and new followers of fine dining. The Tasting Rooms shall deliver an unscripted approach to the Mozaic concept with sharing plates, a walk-in wine room, mixology in full display, and live cooking from the brand-new display kitchen powered by Nayati, the long-term partners behind the beautiful kitchens at Mozaic.

The chefs see this new direction as an evolution of the original Mozaic concept but also a paradigm shift in the fine dining industry’s place in the world today. “We focus on sustainability, authenticity, and innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries and skillset of our team and producers to create amazing dining experiences,” adds Chris Salans

About Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomic Bali :

With over two decades of legacy Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomic Bali has led the regions gastronomic landscape under the stewardship of Chef Chris Salans. 2023 sees the return of Chef Blake Thornley to Mozaic after more than 10 years to bring his unique approach and style to the forefront. Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomic Bali embraces traditional Balinese ingredients and creating modern sustainable dining by using locally sourced and organic produce, and applying contemporary cooking techniques to elevate the flavors and textures of the dishes while maintaining a focus on eco-friendly, zero waste practice. For more information, visit our new website at

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