New Treats For Spicy Food Lovers at Sushi Tei Bali

Spicy food lovers who are also avid Sushi lovers can rejoice as one of Bali’s most popular Japanese restaurant and sushi bar introduces exciting additions to its already varied menu with new and thrilling spicy selections for those who can’t get enough of spice. With locations in Beachwalk Mall Kuta and Sidewalk Jimbaran, Sushi Tei Bali has been serving a cionados of ne Japanese cuisine in Bali since 2007. In addition to all-time favourites, you can now try its eight new spicy additions that are delicious and satisfying. Be sure to have that cold glass of water ready!

Let’s start with the Daigakuimo Tempura, a deep-fried Sweet Potato dish served with spicy mayonnaise and sweet soya sauce. After the rst serving, you’ll de nitely want more so why not go ahead and try the Salmon Karamayo Tamago, a Japanese type rolled omelette with salmon and spicy mayonnaise on top. Delightfully bite-sized, the Salmon Karamayo Tamago comes four on a plate. With your appetites now properly teased and tempted, you’re ready for the main course. For avours of the sea, the Salmon Kazan Sushi is a great choice. It’s vibrant, tasty and spicy. Sea sh lovers can try the Fish Roll, a beautiful combination of White sh Teriyaki, White sh Karaage, and Flying Fish Roe presented in 6 tantalizing rolls. Unagi or sea eel is another huge crowd favourite here at Sushi Tei Bali. If you love eels, then try the Unagi Spicy Roll or Fried Unagi Roll with Spicy Sauce. With 8 mouthwatering pieces served on a long platter, this is the perfect main course for sharing. You can never go wrong with poultry as almost everyone loves chicken so we’d de nitely recommend the Tori Tempura Teriyaki Roll, which is essentially chicken tempura sushi with spicy sauce, a hint of teriyaki sauce for that sweet and salty avour, and yes, cheese!

Let’s move on to beef. If you’re a lover of red meat, then look under the Yakimono or Grilled section in the menu for Spicy Gyuniku Enoki Maki or beef with golden mushroom and sweet & spicy sauce that comes in 6 tantalizing rolls drenched in spicy red sauce. If you aren’t already full, go for the Gyuniku Nasu Maki or deep-fried beef stuffed with wasabe and eggplant with sweet soya sauce.

Sushi Tei Bali continues to provide delicious, fresh and authentic Japanese cuisine to both residents and visitors to the island while keeping true to its tagline; “A Good Deal of Sushi”. Guests can experience a quintessential sushi bar experience through the use of a conveyor belt and an open kitchen. The brand is committed to providing the utmost in comfort and service beyond customers’ expectations through the fusion of authentic Japanese tastes and delectable local avours without straying from guidelines and standards that have been set by PT. Sushi Tei Indonesia. All outlets adhere to the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) standard for food safety system management.

Sushi Tei Sidewalk Jimbaran Sidewalk Jimbaran Level 1 Unit F1 Jalan Raya Uluwatu Jimbaran, Kuta Selatan
Ph: +62 361 446 7525

Sushi Tei Beachwalk Kuta Level 2 #C 14-16
Jl. Pantai Kuta Bali Ph: +62 361 846 4972

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