Indonesian Ambassador to the UK. HE. Dr. Desra Percaya has officially opened a new Indonesian restaurant in London on Tuesday (21/2) called Toba. The Indonesian Ambassador also invited the community of Indonesian people in London “Friends Of Indonesia to try Toba dishes.

“The Toba Restaurant is clear evidence of a successful collaboration. This is a story of friendship, cultural exchange, and experiences from all corners of the region that show the rich diversity of Indonesian culture,” Desra said in a written statement from the Indonesian Embassy in London.

With the support of the Indonesian Embassy, ​​Toba was founded by Pinondang Sinaga, an Indonesian diaspora from North Sumatra who previously successfully opened an Indonesian food stall, Pino’s Warung, at the Camden Market tourist site, London.

Toba is located in the center of London City, not far from the bustling center of Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square.

Inspired by the momentum of cooking with his beloved mother that he learned from childhood, Pino creates a rich variety of unique Indonesian spices such as kecombrang, which is given a modern twist, said the Indonesian Embassy in London.

Through favorite culinary offerings such as rendang, chicken satay, fried rice, and traditional Batak culinary delights such as arsik fish, restaurant visitors are invited to enjoy Indonesian flavors.

The dinner was attended by, among others, British Member of Parliament Richard Graham, Chatham House Program Director Ben Bland, ambassadors from friendly countries and guests of honor, as well as Desmonda Cathabel, the first Indonesian artist to successfully perform at the West End Theatre.

In addition to sharing authentic Indonesian hospitality and culinary delights, Ambassador Desra also hopes that Pino’s journey, which started from a stall to be able to open a restaurant in a premium London location, can become an inspiration.

Member of Parliament who also serves as the British Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for Trade for Indonesia Richard Graham said the opening of the Toba Restaurant answered his hopes for an Indonesian restaurant in the middle of London.

“Especially with the name Toba, which immediately reminds me of a beautiful lake in North Sumatra,” he said.

With a very comfortable restaurant atmosphere and delicious food, he is sure that the British will love Toba Restaurant.

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